BREAKING: First Names on Jeffrey Epstein Client List Expected to be Revealed Today

by J Pelkey
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The first names from Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, which have long been kept secret, are set to be revealed today. 

This disclosure is anticipated to shed light on the extensive network linked to Epstein, the notorious convicted sex offender associated with numerous prominent figures.

The unveiling of these documents, part of a civil lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s close associate, signifies a notable legal victory. The list, expected to encompass more than 150 names, goes beyond a mere compilation of individuals. It holds the potential to reveal concealed connections and untold narratives within the upper echelons of society.

“The unsealing is expected to begin today,” Ed Friedland, the District Executive for the Southern District of New York, said, as reported by The Messenger.

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Reportedly among these names are politicians, celebrities, and other influential figures whose ties to Epstein have sparked speculation and controversy.

The Messenger reported:

The first of 150-plus names connected to the Jeffrey Epstein case are expected be unsealed on Wednesday, a federal court official told The Messenger.

“The unsealing is expected to begin today,” Ed Friedland, the District Executive for the Southern District of New York, said.

The documents were ordered unsealed by Judge Loretta Preska in a civil case brought against Ghislaine Maxwell by longtime accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Names of Epstein and Maxwell’s victims, associates and alleged co-conspirators are expected to be made public as part of the document dump, according to Preska’s order.

They could include a bevy of boldfaced names whose ties to Epstein have long been known, including politicians such as Bill Clinton and U.K. royal Prince Andrew.

The defamation suit against Maxwell was settled in 2017, but the Miami Herald newspaper filed motions in the case to unseal records that had been hidden from public view.

A federal appeals court sided with the Herald, paving the way for a cache of documents in the case to be filed publicly.

Preska ordered the latest batch of documents unsealed on Dec. 18, but gave a 14-day window to allow for people who may be named to appeal the ruling.

As of Tuesday, no one included in the unsealing order had appealed the ruling.

Breaking Digest previously reported that a New Year’s surprise awaits dozens of high-profile associates of Jeffrey Epstein as they are slated to be revealed in court documents during the initial days of 2024.

The pending release will identify over 170 individuals linked to Jeffrey Epstein and indicate the inclusion of some of the world’s most “known and notable” figures, including multiple former U.S. presidents.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton are anticipated to be among those named. Those listed will have a 14-day period to appeal for their privacy to be maintained.

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