BOMBSHELL: Biden’s DOJ Ordered List of All Users Who Retweeted, Liked, or Mentioned President Trump’s Twitter Account

by J Pelkey
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Special Counsel Jack Smith requested Twitter-X to hand over information about President Trump’s active Twitter account as part of his ongoing garbage investigation.

Additionally, Jack Smith, along with Biden’s DOJ, demanded a list of users who retweeted, liked or mentioned President Trump’s Twitter account.

Merrick Garland is preparing to target Trump supporters in their witch hunt.

Attorneys for the Justice Department have revealed documents related to their search warrant for President Trump’s Twitter-X account. These documents reveal that prosecutors gathered an extensive amount of data regarding the President’s social media activity, including details about every account that liked, followed, or retweeted his posts.

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The heavily redacted search warrant was disclosed following a judge’s decision on November 17. This ruling followed a petition from a coalition of media outlets in August, seeking to make the warrant and associated data public.

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The New York Post reported:

In the pages that aren’t obscured, there are demands by Smith for information on virtually every conceivable aspect of the 77-year-old former president’s Twitter account, including “all advertising information … and ad topic preferences,” all IP addresses associated with the account, Trump’s privacy and account settings, records of the account’s communications with Twitter support and all direct messages sent and received by the account from October 2020 to January 2021.

The government also sought information on users who interacted with Trump leading up to the riot.

“All information from the ‘Connect’ or ‘Notifications’ tab for the account, including all lists of Twitter users who have favorited or retweeted tweets posted by the account, as well as all tweets that include the username associated with the account (i.e. “mentions” or “replies”),” the warrant states.

The warrant was issued to the social media giant along with a nondisclosure order, instructing the company not to notify Trump about the search.

Twitter balked at the nondisclosure order, arguing in a failed court challenge that it was a violation of the First Amendment and the Stored Communications Act.

The DOJ’s opposition to the company’s attempt to notify Trump about the warrant was also released Monday.

“For what appears to be the first time in its history, Twitter Inc. (‘Twitter’) has filed a motion to vacate or modify an order that it not disclose the existence of a search warrant,” Smith argued, insisting that “there is reason to believe notification to the former president, a sophisticated actor with an expansive platform, would result in a statutorily cognizable harm.”

Twitter-X appears to have provided the DOJ with a massive amount of material under coercion.

Special Counsel Jack Smith sought, and appears to have gotten, information on all users Trump followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked, as well as all users who followed, unfollowed, muted, unmuted, blocked, or unblocked President Trump.

The DOJ’s request extended to Trump’s geolocation data, private messages, search history, and contact details. Even more outrageously, prosecutors allegedly sought information about his pronouns, as reported by Headline USA in August, based on court transcripts related to the Twitter-DOJ dispute.

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