As Some Families Plan to Skip Thanksgiving Due to Cost, Biden Jets To $20 Million Estate

by J Pelkey
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For many Americans, the 40-year high inflation has made this Thanksgiving financially tough, with many families planning to skip the holiday altogether. A survey by Personal Capital showed that many respondents believed they would not have enough cash for the holiday, while others said they would skip it, the report said.

Breaking Digest previously reported that as many as one quarter of respondents said they would be skipping the holiday.

One in five Americans are unsure if they will be able to afford Thanksgiving this year, and one in four plan to skip it to save money thanks to Bidenflation, according to a poll conducted by Personal Capital

One in three Americans are hosting smaller Thanksgiving dinners and nearly 90% are cutting out at least one dish to save money. Forty-five percent, overall, said they are “financially stressed” by Thanksgiving.

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Many Americans celebrating “Friendsgiving” will be opting for a pizza instead of a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with fixings.

More from Study Finds:

In a poll, commissioned by digital wealth management company Personal Capital, one in four Americans say they’re actually skipping Thanksgiving altogether in order to save money. One in three are hosting smaller dinners and a staggering 88 percent are cutting at least one dish from their table in order to make ends meet.

In 2021, researchers note that an IPSOS survey found that nine in 10 Americans planned to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, the new poll of 1,000 people found that number has fallen to just 74 percent. In fact, 47 percent say they’re celebrating “Friendsgiving” because of its more budget-friendly menu. Specifically, just 24 percent of Friendsgiving celebrations will even have a turkey on the table, with 33 percent opting for a pizza instead!

Inflation and job insecurity are raining on the Thanksgiving parade

With many Americans struggling with higher prices at the grocery store, 52 percent are asking guests to bring a dish to Thanksgiving dinner. Three in four are asking guests to bring their own alcohol, while just under half (46%) are asking people to provide the dessert. Another 42 percent are going a step further, asking their friends and family to help pay for the big meal.

Nearly six in 10 (57%) admit their Thanksgiving guest list is much smaller this year and 53 percent are cooking fewer dishes. When it comes to who’s cutting back the most, Gen Z respondents were the most likely to say they’re doing all four of those things to cover the cost of Thanksgiving in 2022.

For those who lost a job over the last year, the holidays may be even tougher. The survey finds fewer Americans who lost a job (71%) say they’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in comparison to those who kept working (78%). However, those who lost a job are significantly more likely to attend a Friendsgiving (55%) than employed Americans (38%).

Overall, 45 percent of the country say they feel financially stressed by Thanksgiving 2022. Gen X Americans have the least amount of stress (33%) while Gen Z is feeling it the most (54%).

As many Americans are struggling, Joe Biden and his family are spending the holiday at the $20 million home of billionaire David Rubenstein, a private equity tycoon, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the New York Post reported.

From the Conservative Brief:

Joe Biden, his wife Jill, and other family members were set to fly to the upscale Massachusetts island on Air Force One later Tuesday and remain there until Sunday, the White House confirmed over the weekend. While there, the Bidens plan to stay at Rubenstein’s sprawling, $20 million waterfront home, the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror reported. Biden indicated earlier this month that the upcoming holiday season would be a prime opportunity for him to discuss running for re-election in 2024.

“My intention is that I run again,” he said. “But I’m a great respecter of fate. And this is, ultimately, a family decision.  I think everybody wants me to run, but … we’re going to have discussions about it. Well, I — my guess is — I hope Jill and I get a little time to actually sneak away for a week … between Christmas and Thanksgiving. And my guess is it would be early next year we make that judgment.”

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Wyatt November 24, 2022 - 8:38 am

Well what did you expect ? Face it people , Joe Biden is an A**hole ! A walking Turd , his concern for America is lip service only . Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention can see this . His spending sprees with taxpayer funds going to leftist groups who have in turn paid into the Biden Crime Family demonstrate this . But as long as Joe and company have a nice Holiday its ok , after all he’s the President and entitled . The rest of America can just make due and tighten our belts . Oh and let’s not forget , we had to pay for his grand daughters wedding .


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