Another One… Marine from Philadelphia Dies Suddenly at Age 27

by J Pelkey
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A 27-year-old US Marine died suddenly on Thursday, September 22, his family says.

Wayson Lu served in the Marines since 2015. On GoFundMe, his sister Lucy said, “He very unfortunately, very suddenly, passed away on Thursday September 22nd.”

No information regarding Wayson’s cause of death has been made public.

From Wayson’s obituary:

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He wasn’t just loved by the people he knew in the real world, but he was popular and loved by thousands online; The communities he was a part of loved him so much, multiple of those communities honored his passing with online memorials in games that he played and loved- none of them even knew his real name or knew him in the real world but still did the best that they could for him and even donated thousands for him.

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