45 Republican and Democrat Lawmakers Expose Biden’s Shocking Cognitive Decline In New Report

by J Pelkey
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Joe Biden is not fit for office.

Joe Biden’s cognitive decline in recent years has been evident to the American public, yet Democrats and the media have made concerted efforts to downplay it.

In particular, people like Jen Psaki and Karine Jean-Pierre have insisted that, behind closed doors, Biden remains mentally sharp.

However, this narrative is quickly unraveling as the election approaches.

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A shocking new report from the Wall Street Journal reveals that both Republicans and Democrats agree that Biden is not the same man he once was. While the WSJ story is behind a paywall, Fox News provided more details.

President Biden has shown signs of poor cognitive performance in private meetings with congressional lawmakers, as his age and mental acuity continue to come into question ahead of November’s presidential election.

Biden, 81, is the oldest person to hold the presidency and has faced skepticism from voters and Republican lawmakers about his ability to do his job. Many Republicans and even some Democrats said the president showed his age in private meetings, according to The Wall Street Journal, which spoke with 45 lawmakers and administration officials about the president’s mental performance.

Most of the people interviewed by the outlet who were critical of Biden’s performance were Republicans, although some Democrats said the president showed his age in several exchanges. These interviewees participated in meetings with Biden or were briefed on them contemporaneously, including administration officials and other Democrats who did not express concerns about how the president handled the meetings.

When meeting with congressional leaders in January to negotiate a deal to send additional funding to Ukraine, Biden spoke so softly at times that some people struggled to hear him, five people familiar with the meeting told The Wall Street Journal. The president read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods of time and even closed his eyes for so long that some people in the meeting wondered if he had tuned out.

The establishment is attempting to cover this up, but it is no secret to the public. People have observed Biden over the past few years and are astonished by the Democrats’ and media’s assertions that he is perfectly fine. He is not fine.

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